Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Christmas to remember

I was living with my brother in California and got sick and went home to Chicago and into a hospital. I got out three weeks later, it was the last of Fall. As was my habit I rode a bus to the Lincoln Park Zoo. On the way the bus stopped and in stepped the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, and to my astonishment she took the seat directly across from me. It was impossible not to try and look at her. She must have been a model or actress. If only I could make contact. I had my arm resting on the top of the bench and felt someone gripping my arm. I spun around and there was an old down and out man wearing a filthy pea coat and he was gesticulating to me in a incomprehensible way. His rummy blue eyes were protruding and his face was turning chalky gray. I yelled to the bus driver that we have a problem, it looks like a stroke or seizure.
I placed him down on the bench and loosened his belt and collar, then noticed his dentures were obstructing his breathing. I got them out and placed them in his coat pocket. He rolled over and proceeded to vomit. Now the other passengers who were watching this began to pull towards the front of the bus. He had a blue knit hat that had fallen off and was now resting in the pool of discharge. I sat down on the bench and pulled him into my body so he won't choke. We made eye contact again and with a shudder and a gasp he slipped away. All this happened in a matter of seconds. The driver came back, I told him he was dead and they called for an ambulance. I don't know why but I reached down and got his cap. Outside people were milling around and I drifted towards the park. I felt a tap on my shoulder and there was the girl, her eyes filled with tears and her beautiful face drawn tight. We walk for quite a while not saying a word. We began dating after that.
I was born on Christmas Eve and my birthday was celebrated at my parents home. This time my brother and his wife, my cousin and my girlfriend Priscilla would all be there. As is the habit we are generally a loud family. Priscilla on the other hand came from a reserved, remote family that seldom raised a voice let alone use profanity. We got through the cocktails and salad and main course and then it started. "Michael, Michael play something on the piano." By now Michael's wife was starting to weave and my cousin was nodding into his plate. "Come on Mike play." More often then not he would simply let this slide and knock out a few tunes. With a devilish gleam in his eyes he said, "OK, I'll entertain you right now." With that he jumps up from the table and runs to my parents bathroom, next a closet and then a cabinet under the sink. He then goes to the guest bathroom and locks the door. We are all waiting in apprehension for what is to follow. "Allen cue up East West." I stand ready to drop the needle and in comes Michael with a wire hanger twisted around my Mothers sanitary napkin and a can of lighter fluid. He looks at me and says,"My man hit it!" With that he saturates the torch, takes a mouthful of light fluid and sends a flame up to the ceiling. He shoots out another flame expelling all the fluid and then extinguishes the torch in his mouth. He then grabs his wife and their coats and you can overhear him saying, "that ought to hold them."
What can you say after that. I took one look at Priscilla and saw shock. Cousin Chucky was stumbling to the coat closet, my Mother went into her Loretta Young character and my Father was cold and distant.
I tried to explain what had occurred to deaf ears. I dropped Priscilla off at the Young Woman"s Hotel, no kiss, no happy birthday, just a see ya.
About a week went by and I decided to call her at her parents place in Lake Forest. Her Mother answered the phone and before I got a word out she told me Priscilla never wanted to see or hear from me again.
The funny thing is Miss P. was short on heart and I am glad I saw it early on. Also my brother could sure eat fire, best I ever saw.
Happy Holidays,
Allen B.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I am doing something wrong?

I have been told that this blog is intimidating, not really loose and easy. I am very sorry if this is the case. The last thing I want to do is put anyone off. I would like nothing better than to remember Michael through your observations and mine. Say whatever is on your mind, please express yourselves, your impressions, likes and dislikes there will be no judgement on my part.

If you are interested in some aspect of his life ask, I'll tell you if I don't know and who might. If your taste is for funny moments just say so. You have my full attention. Allen B.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Who would you cast to play Michael Bloomfield in a feature film?

Happy and healthy holidays to all. I have been approached several times regarding a film of Michael's life. Keeping in mind that who ever plays him must be a competent actor who would best be able to fill the role and have musical talent? The time frame would be from the late fifties to the end of the seventies.
Allen Bloomfield

Monday, October 27, 2008

What do you think of the new site

We have completed redesigning the site and I would appreciate your feedback. Do you like what we have done? What else would you like on the site. How can we make this site a meaningful experience for you. In truth your happiness and satisfaction is our first priority.
Please express yourself fully.
Allen Bloomfield

Saturday, October 4, 2008

A day in the life.

Please be patient with me regarding the "blog protocol" I am just beginning. I would like very much to converse with anyone who has an interest in my brother Michael Bloomfield or any question regarding his life as seen through his little brothers eyes. In my last post I assumed that readers might have had remembrances of his humor and personality, this maybe my wish full thinking. Let me share one instance of his irascibility
I had the misfortune of having the same biology teacher he had. Vern Condon was a old curmudgeon afflicted with the shakes and a short fuse. As he read off the attendance for the first day of classes when he came across my name he yelped and said "not again, never again."
Nice beginning? I asked an aid what's with that? He then related that Michael almost sent Vern to the nervous hospital. I was then told that Mr. Condon always assigned a critter collection be it insects, butterflies, a small rodent which counted for a large part of your grade. Because the school we attended was ranked one of the top in the nation most of the critter collections were museum quality. Michael of course could give a shit. The day it was due Michael frantically searched the cabinets for a petri dish. Upon locating one he commenced to baptise it with a Huge hocker and then handed it to Vern saying "I have a whole civilization of critters for you."

Michael's parting shot was finding a human fetus in a jar, shaking it vigorously and yelling out, "it's the Gerber bouncing baby" He was suspended for that.

Michael was outrageous.

Allen B.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Michael's Sassy Wit

I can think of no person I would rather spend time with than my brother. His natural sense of humor and devastating wit cut through any gloomy day. I think this was reflected in his music and his respect for Randy Newman or Ry Cooder. Rather than retelling his quips at this point, please write me your remembrance's and experiences. I will match them one for one.
Awaiting your thoughts,
Allen B.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Who are your musical influences?

Michael was influenced by 0f variety of sources. As a little kid, Tubby The Tuba, Peter And The Wolf, Bozo Under The Sea. Later The Hit parade, Broadway Musicals, and contemporary radio. When he discovered the blues he sought out traditional players like Tampa Red, Lightin' Hopkins, Blind Blake, Tommy MacLennan, Big Joe Williams to name just a few. Modern blues players would include Josh White, Guitar Slim, J.B. Lenoir, Junior Parker, B.B. King, Ry Cooder,Roy Buchanan, Otis Rush, Eric Clapton, Junior Wells, James Cotton, and so many more.

Michael began his guitar lessons with our mothers beautician Tony Carmen and then sat at the feet of the greatest blues players in Chigago and later was carried to the legendary players of the past through Big Joe Williams.

So who are your influences and what in the blues spoke to you?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Welcome to our space for your comments and questions regarding Michael Bloomfield, his life and work.

I'll do my best to field your questions and share my love and experiences with Michael. I hope you will feel free join me in this adventure.

So please write me and enjoy this moment.

Allen Bloomfield