Monday, October 27, 2008

What do you think of the new site

We have completed redesigning the site and I would appreciate your feedback. Do you like what we have done? What else would you like on the site. How can we make this site a meaningful experience for you. In truth your happiness and satisfaction is our first priority.
Please express yourself fully.
Allen Bloomfield


David said...

great to have a site to pay homage to one of the greatest blues guitarists.

Allen Bloomfield said...

Dear David,
Thanks for the kind words. Is there anything you would like to see on the site? Your input would be appreciated.
Thanks again,
Allen Bloomfield

Bob C. said...

Thank you very much for your generosity in setting up this site. I do like the new look...I like the red and black color scheme.

Also, I am excited to hear of Gibson's plans to design a Mike Bloomfield guitar.

Pros said...

Nice to see some changes here. I've been stopping buy for the last couple years but there havent been many updates. Awesome job Allan! Love reading stories about Mike.

One question. I've heard rumors that Al Kooper has been working on a Bloomers Boxed Set.. Know anything about that?

Allen Bloomfield said...

Dear Bob C.,
I am glad you like the look. We are making an effort to expand the site and add new material whenever possible.
At this point Gibson is researching
exactly what Michael's guitar looked like as well as any mechanical characteristics. At the time of Michael's death most of his guitars were stolen and the original Les Paul Sunburst was missing. Many rumors are out there
with people claiming to know where it is. To date these tales have been tracked down and found to be invalid. Fortunately there are several highly skilled specialists who have worked on his guitar and know exactly what distinguishing characteristics were indigenous to his ax. Gibson is intent on replicating that guitar exactly.
If all goes well it will be showcased at the upcoming Nama show.
Thank you very much for writing and I Hope to hear from you again.
Allen Bloomfield

Allen Bloomfield said...

Hello Pros,
Thanks for your patience and encouragement. I will try to include more stories about living with Michael.
The box set was put aside by Sony due to economic problems in their industry. Until conditions change the next best package is the four hour radio show done by David Dann that provides a excellent retrospective of Michael's work as well as those who played with him. You can access this at in the news section which contains the links.
Let me know what you think and what you would have liked to hear that was overlooked.
Stay in touch.
Allen Bloomfield