Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Michael Bloomfield"s Birthday Surprise

Make no mistake about it the finest tribute to Michael Bloomfield has been created by David Dann. David's new site and and the link are, also the link can be found on the front page of the official site.
David Dann has created a moving tapestry of Michael's life. Videos, interviews, Michael being Michael. Sort of like high style home movies and a selected short, and so much more. It would be near impossible to find a Bloomfield fan that would be disappointed after seeing this.
David Dann in his quiet way delivers time and again the essence and heart of my brother. On behalf of the family we are deeply grateful for your friendship and talent.
I am always amazed to find new and unexpected material on Michael. Be it a video or his voice time stands still and I reenter a world long gone. David "thanks" hardly seems to express the joy you have given to all of us. With profound appreciation, Allen Bloomfield

Sunday, July 19, 2009

What makes a hit movie?

I heard a head of a large movie marketing company speak about how a movie becomes a hit. When the audience is familiar with the actors, or the story line continuing from a past release which was successful, there is a good chance that the audience will want to repeat the experience. In the case of Bruno, they had that link and then had a massive advertising campaign to pump it even more. Critics were reviewing the movie as well. The first night it opened they had healthy ticket sales. Now here is the interesting part, once the initial audience was leaving out came the cell phones, and twitters, and text messaging and they called all their friends and family and reported that the movie was mediocre. The next night sales dropped by 40%. What this clearly shows is the power to influence another that overrides the advertising, critics or any type of hype. The speed that this electronic communication moved was astonishing. This phenomenon is unprecedented. This is truly power to the people.

Allen B.