Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Michael's Sassy Wit

I can think of no person I would rather spend time with than my brother. His natural sense of humor and devastating wit cut through any gloomy day. I think this was reflected in his music and his respect for Randy Newman or Ry Cooder. Rather than retelling his quips at this point, please write me your remembrance's and experiences. I will match them one for one.
Awaiting your thoughts,
Allen B.

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MotleyBluse said...

I remember sitting on these bleachers (municipal league) and after talking to these brothers for a while. I had to ask, "which of you two is the smartest", directed toward neither one in particular.
Then simultaneously (or pretty close to it) both said "He is", each directing their complement to the other, while avoiding the admission the fact. Pretty humorous when my soul has been psychedelicized.;)