Monday, November 10, 2008

Who would you cast to play Michael Bloomfield in a feature film?

Happy and healthy holidays to all. I have been approached several times regarding a film of Michael's life. Keeping in mind that who ever plays him must be a competent actor who would best be able to fill the role and have musical talent? The time frame would be from the late fifties to the end of the seventies.
Allen Bloomfield


Peg said...

Hi Allen!
How exciting!! A movie about Michael! Musically, I'd love to see Steve Cropper in the role but I guess it needs to be someone who looks more like Michael. Will they have several different actors for the part?


JohnInNJ said...

I wouldn't play up the musical talent thing as much as the acting
ability. If the movie is credible, it will be so because of the acting.

That said, my only qualm with Tom Hanks, who was mentioned in the Bloomfools discussion group, is his voice - its higher than Michael's was and less "earthy". This weekend I watched "The Buddy Holly Story" with Gary Busey and "La Bamba" with Lou Diamond Phillips. Both actors were in first-time major roles and both were right for the parts - Busey even won an Oscar nomination. Phillips did a great impersonation
of someone playing a guitar and frankly I don't know if Busey played his guitar or not, but he did sing all of Buddy Holly's parts. So maybe what is needed is an unknown who is just right for the part.

The HBO movie on Jimi Hendrix' life a few years ago had a lead actor who obviously didn't play guitar, but he was shown the moves and he pulled it off. The movie was a loser because the script was weak.

Years ago I heard rumors that Arlen Roth was considered to play Michael in a movie. Well, the hair is kinda right and of course he can play guitar, and there was great sadness in Roth's life, but it was a different kind of sadness and somehow Roth doesn't come off at all like Michael.

And of course, if Michael thought someone was doing a movie about his life, I think he would laugh at getting a known Hollywood name. He'd probably want some down-and-out black dude recovering in some alley from too much sauce.


Frank Macias said...

Hi Allen,

My idea is that no one currently in movies could play Michael. I would suggest that a casting call be made throughout LA or the country for a somewhat look alike. They are out there but they may not be actors. I've seen two kids in San Antonio that looked just like him. Same hair, same body, same walk, same everything.

There was a local casting call for the Selena movie a few years ago. Many look alikes showed up. Jennifer Lopez made it through and she did a very believable part.

I am sure there are some out there for a Mike Bloomfield part. I agree the acting ability has to come first. The musical ability can be captured in different ways.

By the way say hey to David Dann. I sent him a picture of your brother which I think is the best ever captured of him squeezing the shit out of those strings.

John McWilliams said...

Benico del torro

John McWilliams said...

Benico del torro would be good and this kid sol thin Franklin he just did a good job as Allen Ginsberg